Quantum Combat is a free multiplayer space-shooter in the tradition of Asteroids, Tyrian, and Subspace. Pick off helpless merchants or pursue dangerous and lucrative bounties. Apply strategic team moves or go at it alone.

Survive! Destroy! And climb the leader board!

Enjoy a fun and addictive free-for-all that brings a fresh look and perspective while staying true to the ideals and mechanics that made the space-shooter a classic arcade genre. 

Quantum Combat has a “Just hit play!” philosophy that makes it easy and rewarding to jump in any time!

Need to stay quick and nimble? Prefer power over speed? Choose from numerous body types, then customize your colors and jet stream so nearby craft know who they’re dealing with

Your selection of ships include classic low poly designs, as well as craft inspired by famous TV and film series. One of our sponsor packages even allows for you to design a ship yourself and include it in the finished game!

Offering a large variety of ships and customizations is a core game design goal, and you will see frequent updates to this area.


Pursue active bounties on the map and earn a hoard of score points.

Love revenge? Serve it cold with the Revenger special move, placing a bounty on the head of the craft that killed you. Action points well spent!


Escape trouble fast with a portal to the other side of the map.

Want to follow your enemy through? Go quickly! Destinations change often.



Disable enemy systems by scoring a direct hit.


Turn your enemies to discrete bits of flesh.


Aim not so great? We’ve got your back!


Think ‘Superman 2’

Quantum Combat will support nearly a dozen unique weapon types at launch, with many more to come. 

Some deal critical damage, while others damage all enemies in the area. Some disable enemy ships, providing a competitive advantage. Weapon spheres are available at random throughout the map.


As your score rises, so does your store of action points. AP can be used to perform temporary moves that give your craft a useful edge over your opponent.


See more than you should. For longer than you should have.


Sweet, sweet revenge. It’s a click away with
this special move, which puts a bounty
on the last craft to kill you.


Sneak away from danger


From major destroyer-class gunships to defenseless merchant vessels, Quantum Combat is full of opportunity and danger.


Some large ships will prove too much of a challenge for any one pilot, and teamwork is essential to bring these down. Others may look like easy pickings, but watch out, some smaller ships also have nasty defense arsenal at their disposal. 


Quantum Combat is built on the multiplayer framework, which places all game objects in a datastore, allowing for lightning fast updates to and from the server. Normcore also automates server selection based on latency, providing the player with an invisible, “Just Hit Play” networking experience.

In addition, Normcore allows for multiple room connections simultaneously, and we have been actively experimenting with stitching rooms together for seamless, MMO-like travel across the galaxy!


The final frontier no more! The information gained in your explorations can serve as a powerful competitive advantage as you lure enemies through asteroid fields and near black holes.

Our launch map contains a full solar system with over a dozen space phenomena to experience. We are also committed to expanding our universe rapidly after launch.


Quantum Combat’s physics and controls have been specially tailored to be comfortable and fun for mobile players, including accelerometer detection for turning and speed, a ‘press anywhere to fire’ mechanic, and platform specific UI’s. 


We want our universe to be full of life and strife, so we’ve decided to release our game completely free! Server bandwidth will be funded by non-intrusive interstitial ads and, later, in-app purchase availability.


Our flagship level is anchored by a large black hole found at the center of the map. You can use the black hole strategically, but don’t cross the event horizon!




Dust Storms


At launch we will support mobile and PC, with releases in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and on Steam.

Our stretch goals include a full releases on PlayStation and Xbox.


Though not yet in production, browser support and our “Just Hit Play” philosophy are made for each other, and Quantum Combat was originally envisioned as a browser game. 

Once WebGL support is in open beta in our multiplayer framework, we hope to begin testing a browser-based version of our title. 


We are currently testing the game in closed alpha for PC and mobile, with an open alpha expected in Mid/Late 2021. The game is already fully functional, including multiplayer network syncing.

On the back end, we are in the process of stress testing and optimization, with the goal of bringing as many players and NPC’s into the game world as possible.

In the front, focus is on filling out the flagship map with interesting space phenomena, adding ships, weapons, special moves and customizations, and filling the universe with great visual effects.